This class is the second in a series intended to teach you the essential basics of programming using Python and how to apply these basics to make things. The course can be taken a-la-carte based on the topic or can be attended regularly to become a well rounded python coder. I will cover all aspects of python language over the series.

In the built in object class you will learn

  • Learn about the key components of python; the built in objects
  • The difference between mutable and immutable object types
  • Get a full overview of pythons objects ranging from basic to advanced types
  • Come prepared to learn by doing the fundamentals class require a heavy amout of hands on practices.
  • Get lots of practice with fun challenges


This is a two hour course held every other Thursday (600-800PM) The fee for the class is $40 for ATX hackerspace members and $80 for non-members

The class will be taught on your laptop by leveraging jupyter notebooks and the Anaconda Package manager You must bring a laptop to take this class.


You can register for the class on the eventbrite class sight or bring payment to class to get the member rate.