this class is the first in a series intended to teach you the essential basics of programming using Python and how to apply these basics to make things. The course can be taken a-la-carte based on the topic or can be attended regularly to become a well rounded python coder. I will cover all aspects of python language over the series.

In class 1 you will learn

  • Basic programming concepts such as variables, math operations
  • Data structures, and procedural loops
  • Programming style and etiquette
  • Learn to draft an image based on a simple set of mathematical rules

The class will be taught on your laptop by leveraging jupyter notebooks and the Anaconda Package manager You must bring a laptop to take this class.

The first installment will show you how to use python’s implementation of turtle to generate geometric designs that can be laser engraved onto wood or other objects. Learn the fundamentals of python while making something cool!

Thursday, Jan 31 6:00 -8:00 at the ATX hackerspace

$ 80.00 per session for non members and $40 per session for ATX members. To get the member discount pay at the class. Class link